Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hello there! Sorry to have been away for so long, but I've been busy working on stuff for my Club Members and Downline. I'm so thankful for them and this just seems like the perfect time of year to let them know it. I decided to give each Club Member the Pop & Place Holiday Tag Bundle and hopefully they would put it to good use over the holidays. I initially planned on putting the Bundles in the Tag A Bag Gift Bags and Boxes, but they didn't fit, so this project took on a whole new life:) I didn't realize just how darn cute the folder was that held the tags, so I had to find a use for it after I took out the tags:

Each of the covers have a pocket, so I thought they would be perfect to hold coupons and receipts.

After I removed the tags, there were these cute little border pieces left, so I cut 5 pieces of Whisper White Cardstock in half and glued them to the borders. I ended up having to trim about 1/4" off of each side so the pages fit inside the covers. (You'll want to do that before you glue them in-ask me how I know!)

I labeled each of the pages as follows: Stores to Shop, Things To Do, Places To Go, People To See, Card Ideas, Ideas, Ideas, Supplies, Names, &, Addresses, Gift Ideas, Ideas, Ideas, Ideas, Menu, Grocery List, Memories, Memories, Memories. I was really wishing I knew my way around MDS better; it would have been MUCH easier than stamping, punching and glueing all those letters-next year!

I made 8 different designs, so here's lots of ideas for you...

Not sure if you're still with me...but if so, I hope I could help out with some ideas for you. I was a little overwhelmed at first with all the pieces and just sat and stared for awhile. I have lots and lots to share with you so make sure to stop back again tomorrow! Thanks so much for stopping by:)

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