Monday, June 8, 2015


Hello there! Sorry I didn't make it back yesterday. I ran out of light...and ideas. I thought this kit was so cute as is, I struggled to come up with alternative ideas, but I have a few for you.

Here's the stamp set that came with the kit and 2 Spots! Score:)

Here's the project made according to the kit's instructions. Like I said, cute, huh?

Kinda straightforward and simple...perfect for a guy:)

I plan to use these for my guys for Father's Day, so I didn't want to girlie-up too many. But I came up with one sweet alternative.

I really didn't want to cut out all those tiny flowers by hand, and then it hit me that the brand new Tree Builder Punch would do the work for me:)

For this one, I folded the flap down and made a little gift card holder.

I used 25" of twine instead of the 10" the instructions call for. I doubled it up and thread it through the hole.

I wrapped the twine around the gift card holder and brought it down through the hole.

I then pulled it between the 2 pieces of twine and tied a bow.

 Don't want to shell out money for a gift card? The old stand-by will always do:( )

This one could work for either a guy or a gal, leaving dude off obviously.

This one will be for Russ, he's definitely not a bow tie kind of guy...

And poor Dominique will probably get the unisex version.

This will be for my sweetie...

...and I'll put a gift card inside from all of us. I'll also give him one just from me that won't be fit for anyone else's eyes:0

I don't know who came up with this idea originally, but it's all over Pinterest and it's a brilliant way to recycle your Paper Pumpkin boxes:) I used 2 of the DSP bases that came with the kit.

Finally, here's a fun little 'outside of the box' box that you can make using 2 of the pocket cards. One of the SU! artists came up with this but I couldn't find instructions for it anywhere, so I did my best. I think their version was a little smaller, so they must have scored along the bottom somewhere and folded the box down a bit in height. I'm horrible at trying to explain these kind of things, so hopefully the photos help?

Take 2 of the pocket pieces and cut them at 2" from the bottom score line. Score the short piece down the middle at 1 1/2" and cut up to the bottom score line.

Cut a piece of Crumb Cake Cardstock to 3" x 2 1/2", or Kraft would be better if you have it. Along the shorter sides, score at 1/2" as shown.

Remove adhesive backing and glue as shown.

It should look like this...minus the pencil marks:)

My score line was off a hair and didn't make a flush base for the bottom, so I scored another line to make it a bit smaller and it solved the problem.

Again, remove all adhesive backing and glue as shown.

Attach to other half of gift box as shown.

Yours will look better than mine, but the inside of the box won't be real pretty. But it's for a guy, so...

You can cover the bottom to finish it a little better if you want. I used a piece of Crumb Cake Cardstock measuring 3 x 1 1/2".

Finally, score both flaps at 1" and glue together.

Decorate as desired. Tip: put the treats inside before you glue the top shut:)

That's all I've got for you today. In a couple days I'll get notification that my June Paper Pumpkin is on it's way. I'll know the name of the kit, but that's it...and so the speculation will begin. So much fun! If you want to get in on the fun and join us at our Pumpkin Party, make sure you sign up by Wednesday! Thanks so much for stopping by:)

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