Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Hello there! Sorry again for the break, but I assure you I haven't had much of one:) I've been busy getting all my cards ready for my Card Buffet that I'm holding on December 1st. Here's what we'll be making so far. I think I'm going to add a couple more Christmas cards if I get time. Let me know if you'd like to join us. I'll have a little surprise for everyone attending and want to make sure I have one for you too:)

Next up was our Operation Christmas Child Packing Party.

We had about a dozen of us packing shoeboxes for needy kids across the world with all the leftovers from previous packing parties.

We bought some extra things to fill in the holes, and we had 3 tables worth of stuff to pack!

I think we ended up packing 150 shoeboxes in about an hour and a half:) Fun, fun day!

The next day was our Coat Drive with our little friends at Midtown Gardens. After we got all the OCC boxed up, I mixed up 18 little bags of hot chocolate to deliver with the coats. I made up some tags and attached them to the hot chocolate.

I found some fun little bags and stuck the hot chocolate packs inside.

We hung the hot chocolate bags onto the coats and delivered them after church. Then our Loads of Love(LOL) group headed to the laundromat and paid for peoples laundry and shared pizza from Napolis, which Mike graciously donated:) It's amazing to watch God work through all these beautiful people:)

I was so excited when I opened last month's Paper Pumpkin and saw these cards. I figured they'd work perfectly to give to our pastors for Pastor Appreciation Month.

 Unfortunately, I didn't get them delivered yet, but figured they'd still work during this season of Thanksgiving-which I just realized will be a little late...crap!

Oh well, I'm sure they'll appreciate a Starbucks gift card anytime. I have got to get more on the ball next year!

I got my tree up, food ready and wine bought-which may be the most important thing! Now I'm going to relax and work on this month's Paper Pumpkin, which has all the work done for me:) Let me know if you'd like more info on the Card Buffet on December 1st-don't be left out! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow with family and friends! Thanks so much for stopping by:)

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