Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hi there! Sorry I didn't have a post for you yesterday, but as you can see, I've been busy! I got the final count and I need to make 100 purse favors! I still don't have any more to share with you-doing the assembly line thing.  This unfortunately, is my desk, where I'm making all these purses. As you c
an see, working conditions are pretty bad! But it's my own fault-'I"m Just A Girl Who Can't Say No!'

My goal is to have these done tomorrow and get everything set up at the church, so I can start painting at my daughter's new house tomorrow. They just got possession today-how exciting! I've got the paint and am ready to go! She's getting married next year at this time, so I can't even imagine how nuts I'm going to be by then!

As if things weren't wacky enough, we're also gutting our bathrooms! We're down to one toilet, one sink and no shower for 3 adults and 1 8 month old. Not sure how this is going to work-I guess we'll find out!

The floor guy comes on Monday, so we have to have everything out of there by then. My poor hubby has had this job to himself since I've been buried in purses-how convenient!

The fun part is going to be the clawfoot tubs! Our house was built in 1908 and both the tubs are leaking-so we don't have much choice. If you've ever soaked in one of these tubs, you've been spoiled.  I spend about an hour in mine every morning, and I just can't give it up, so we're going to be adding 2 more of these into the mix-4 cast iron clawfoot tubs that need to be moved! If I haven't mentioned it lately, I have a wonderful husband!

I had posted earlier that my September was crazy-now you know what I mean! I may be hit and miss on posting for awhile, but I'll share the progress with you. Thanks so much for visiting! And I'm sure I helped you have a greater appreciation for your home-your bathroon anyway! See you again soon I hope.

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