Friday, August 12, 2011


This is the swap that I made for our Artisan Swap Dinner at Convention. I made 18 of these and I don't want to make anymore anytime soon! It was fun to be able to put faces with names and their display     boards. We were all amazed by the diversity and creativity of each others projects. It was an amazing   evening and this experience has been truly priceless! Thank you for sharing this with me and I hope     you'll stop back and visit soon !

Time to go pay a visit to the talented Jenn one more time!                                                                                                             



  1. Oh WOW Laura....look at that count now!!! I told it (your blog) and they will come! Was I right or was I right?? I can still remember when I think I was the first 350 views to your blog-o-roony. You have done an excellent job of maintaining for this Award blog.....but please keep it up....I know you will master the photos part of it too. Jeaner Beaner

  2. I am honored to have recieved one of these just for sitting with you at to you my dear!