Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Welcome back! This is one of the 3-D projects I made and amazingly it turned out exactly as I had envisioned it would. I fell in love with the Sew Suite products from the Occasions Mini and knew I
wanted to make a project using them.

I remembered how much fun I had playing with stitching cards when I was younger, so I decided to
make one for the cover, and inside I made pockets which held 4 cards, all with a sewing theme. Some
of you were wondering why I had so many cards on the display board at Convention, and I promise I wasn't trying to earn extra credit; they all went together. I wonder if it would have been better to have this opened up on a table with the cards displayed next to it. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the inside for you, but below are the cards that were inside:

I had several of our personalized stamps custom made to coordinate with the sewing theme. This card says 'Darn It Anyway' on the front, and on the inside it says 'Sew sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you're on the mend soon!

For this card, I attached an actual zipper and inside was a little note. I don't know how many hours I spent trying to figure out how to do this. I do know it would have been twice as long if a sewing machine had been involved!

This card says 'Sew Much Fun' on the outside and inside it says 'You  Keep Me In Stitches!'

The final card says 'Sew Sweet of You' on the outside and on the inside it says 'It Seams Only Fitting To Thank You For All You Do.' This project definitely took the most time. It's a good thing I did it at the beginning. I think one good indicator that you may have a winning project is that it is something that you would never, ever want to make ever again! This definitely qualifies!
Supplies used for this project: There's just too many to list!!!

I can't wait to see what Jenn has for us tonite:


  1. Yes, I was one of those who wondered why you had "sew" many cards. It took me a while to "unravel" the mystery, but I finally figured it out. (Sorry about the bad puns.) I LOVE that you used custom stamps for these cards...that is such a great idea!

  2. OMG, how is it possible that you have only one comment on this stunning entry? I used to do some sewing, myself, and you have captured it perfectly. TFS your talent and creativity.